Hi, I started this blog really just to give me something regular to work on and to share a few of my main interests and adventures.

My main interests are Botany, Microscopy and the making of permanently-mounted microscope slides from some of the plants both ‘wild’ (can you believe that some folk actually refer to them as weeds!?) and cultivated that I encounter just about everywhere I go.

Briza.maxima – growing in a flower bed as a ‘weed’.

I’ll include other things as well of course, and see just where this blog takes me (and hopefully you too if you like it…). I’m ‘in my fifties now’ and am very lucky to live in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside in the Lake-District of England, in of course the U.K.



A beautiful ‘Leitz Orthoplan’ – this is the ‘scope I use now for my microscopy.

Being retired I have quite a good measure of time to pursue my interests and hope to share a few of them as I add pages and blog-posts to this web-site.





This is a slide I made, photographed through my microscope, of a cross-section of the stem of a Sunflower grown in the garden in 2017.
This view is called ‘darkfield’ through the microscope.

There’s so much to see in the plant-world at the moment that I thought this would be a good time to start this fresh new blog.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there
    I noticed that you had found the photo tubes required for attaching various cameras to the Orthoplan. I am working on a project right now where I am going to shoot Super8mm film using the Leicina Special movie camera which was designed to attach to the Orthoplan. The camera is in Leica M mount bit can be adapted to many other mounts. Do you have the parts to adapt the Leicina to the Orthoplan?
    Thanks in advance
    David Hollander
    San Antonio, TX

    • Hmm, I’m afraid not, in fact I wouldn’t know where to start with the attachment I’m afraid; sorry I can’t help.

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