TBO Stain

Staining of (sunflower) stem sections with toluidine blue stain. Some observations of the metachromasia related to different cell, tissue types.

This is the whole section as mounted on a slide. Many different tissue-types are stained in different colours by toluidine-blue, a metachromatic stain.

Longitudinal section (LS) of Sunflower stem stained with toluidine-blue stain. Various different tissue and cell types are stained in different colours and shades due to the metachromatic nature of the stain.

1) Parenchyma – purple cell-walls. [img 1]
2) Lignin of secondary cell-wall (xylem) – sky blue. [img 2,8]
3) Phloem sieve tube cell-walls and sieve plates – purple. [img 3]
4) Phloem sieve plate ‘slime plug’ – dark ‘Royal-blue’. [img 4,5]
5) Nucleus – blue, nucleolus dark-blue. [img 6,7,10]
6] Fibers – sky-blue. [img 9]
7] Epidermis and trichome cell-walls – deep purple. [img 11]