Slides for Sale

Every slide that I sell is made by me by hand. I make them in my small lab at home. All slides are fully stained to accentuate the detailed features of the plant tissue featured on a slide. They are permanently mounted in resinous mounting-medium and will stay in the condition in which they are sold for decades, at least 10 years, very likely 40 years or more if kept and used appropriately….

This page will soon have details of the many slides that I have in-stock and available to purchase. I send slides all over the World, postage is to be added to prices. If you don’t see the kind of slide/s that you are looking for or would like me to make some bespoke slides to your requirements please use the contact-page to send me a message or of course to ask any questions that you may have. I’ll always answer contacts ASAP.

This is an example of a 2-slide pack. Two slides that are related, each showing a different view or different parts of the plant, very good for comparison and study.

This is an example of a 5-slide pack. The pack may contain any five slides that you choose, or a set selected by myself according to your given preferences or requirements. Perhaps a set of different leaf types, or a comparison set containing monocotyledons and dicotyledons for example. The composition of a set is entirely your choice....