Identification of a Moss

Mosses surround us yet many of us never take the time to look closely at them. These tiny plants, although not possessing the many glorious flowers and forms seen in the higher plants such as the flowering-plants or ‘angiosperms’, have their very own charm, intricacy and beauty, especially when viewed with a hand lens or even a microscope to reveal their tinier features.

For the reasons above I find mosses fascinating, and, given my great love of taxonomy and identification of all plants that I encounter, I intend here to take the reader through one of my many adventures with moss.

At the time of writing this, mid January 2020, the mosses growing over some beautiful limestone rocks in my garden are just starting to show some fruiting-bodies known as ‘capsules’. The presence of the capsules is very handy for the purpose of this adventure as they make the identification of a moss that little bit easier.