About this website

Hello, and welcome to my modest website.

Here I offer for sale permanently stained & mounted Botanical microscope-slides made by myself in my small lab here in Cumbria, U.K. where I live.

My slides are of a high quality, easily good enough for serious study at all levels, including post-graduate research. They are also entirely suitable for the younger microscopic explorers as they take a fascinating glimpse into the microscopic world of the ‘inside of flowers’…

I produce several different ranges of slides according to their contents and aspects of plant structure that they are optimised to demonstrate.

The type and method of staining used is also chosen to suit specific types of slide, in order to maximise their quality and the details which they are able to show.

For detailed information please visit my information or slides-for-sale pages where descriptions and examples of the different slides and slide-sets that I make are available.