Welcome to my rather limited web-site. Here I intend to share my (mainly Botanical but not exclusively-so) adventures with my microscope, an Olympus BX40 with infinity objectives.

The camera is connected ‘tethered’ to a Windows 10 PC which, running Canon’s ‘Utility v3’ tethering software, is used to capture images through the microscope’s phototube.

I love to study plants, in particular the wildflowers and ‘weeds’ that are all around us in our gardens, hedgerows, streets, hedgerows and countryside. I started my interest with a desire to answer the question “what type of plant is that?” some 5 years ago now, well almost, back in 2015….. To enable me to take images of plants that I encountered in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside of the U.K. where I live, I bought a cheap and cheerful mobile ‘phone that could take pictures!

Perusing those early sub 1mp images on the ‘phone’s tiny screen whetted my appetite for Botany,and the rest is history!

Nearly 5 years later I have a tiny ‘lab’ at home (my dining-room….) where I not only study plants at the microscopic level as well as the macroscopic as for species ID, but make my own permanently-mounted and stained microscope slides of the fascinating world of the plant’s structure!

Shandon 0325 rotary microtome – this is the actual machine that I use.

The sections that I mount, at the thinnest levels of between 1µ and perhaps as high as 20µ (most often I take 5-10µ sections) are cut with a Shandon 0325 rotary microtome.